What do we produce in Aroma Botanik?

At Aroma Botanik, we combine the years of experience and modern technology to produce the highest quality of ornamental plants
by constantly supervising them to the highest standards.

Işık Peyzaj Mimarliği, which has been operating in all fields of landscape architecture since 1998, launched its new ornamental plant production nursery in Yalova at 2018, aiming to increase its capacity of ornamental plant production, adding new species to our production line to introduce new ornamental plants for landscape architecture use in Turkey and to support the employent rates in the sector.
Aroma Botanik was established in Yalova on a total area of 15,000 m² , approximately 6,000 m² of which is closed greenhouse, 8,000 m² of open area ornamental plant production parcel, and 1,000 m² of service and storage areas. In the production stage, controlled fertilizer-release irrigation is performed, sterile potting mixtures consisting of peat, pumice, cocoopeat are used, and we aim to provide the most healthy and beautiful products to our valued customers by regular weed and pest control.

All stages of production are supervised by experienced agricultural engineers. Our production list and stock list is updated monthly and you can see the latest version of our stock list in the current stock list section of our website.

All of our plants have been grown in pots, have completed root development, pruned according to their form shapes.
We will be more than happy to host you in Aroma Botanik.

Ornamental Plant Species

As Aroma Botanik, one of our biggest goals is to introduce new ornamental plant species to our country.

We export seedlings and young plants and we also cooperate with research instutues in our country to realize this goal.

Water Saving

Clean and accessible water has become one of the most important problems in the world in 21th century.  Today, hundreds of thousands of people in the world are experiencing serious problems of not accessing clean water resources.                                                          


Turkey, having the advantage of having different climate conditions and , with large investments as well as recently in the sector of ornamental plants, has become one of Europe’s leading countries.